Can You use Retinol Cream Under Eyes?

Can You use Retinol Cream Under Eyes?

Yes, it’s true, retinol is a powerful but complex ingredient. I wouldn’t blame you for being a little hesitant about using it around the delicate eye area. But don’t let this result in you missing out on the opportunity to target fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. The question is, how exactly can you use this potent form of vitamin A around the eyes? (which you weren’t aware, is up to 40% thinner than the rest of the face) Which makes it important to find the best formulas to use that won’t irritate or cause any damage.

Now, let’s find out together about retinol cream and how you can use under eyes. Before we get started if you’re wanting to find out more about what retinol can do for the skin, check out our dedicated blog post about its benefits, over on the The Beauty Insiders.

Does retinol help with under eye circles?

Yes, it certainly does! Under eye circles are a result of a variety of problems, from lack of sleep to genetics. As we age, these under eye circles become more prominent, this is an ideal time to introduce an eye cream containing retinol into your daily evening skincare routine. With retinol’s potent anti-ageing benefits, you’ll help target under-eye circles with a helpful boost in collagen making them appear less visible over time.

Remember that using retinol eye cream may require you to add it into your routine slowly, just like a face serum containing the powerful retinoid. Start off by applying it to the under-eye area once a week allowing the skin to build its tolerance leading to you being able to use it up to 3 times a week. Always ensure you follow the instructions on the packaging, especially if the product is medical grade as the percentage of retinol in the formulation will be notably higher than those found in over-the-counter formulas.

Having said that, when it comes to eye creams, many brands decide to use encapsulated forms of retinoids. Often this includes it being teamed with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to keep the delicate under-eye skin moisturised and plumped while retinol works its magic.

Where do you apply retinol around eyes?

Before you start using a retinol eye cream, make sure you have performed a patch test before applying it on the face. If there are no signs of irritation, you are all set to start reaping the rewards. Here is the best way of applying retinol around the eyes.

A little goes a long way, you only need a pea size amount for both eyes

Use your ring finger as this you naturally apply less pressure with

Start off by gently tapping the eye cream on the under-eye area on the bone you can feel away from the lash line

Follow this bone, known as the orbital bone, around the outer corner of the eyes

Tap the excess of eye cream under the eyebrows

Avoid applying retinol cream directly onto the eyelids as this can sometimes cause dryness and irritation

Remember to only use retinol eye cream during your evening routine

This is a basic routine to use when applying retinol eye cream. Having said that, all products and formulations are different so always check you are using a product the correct way.

Can I put retinol on eyelids?

Yes and no, this is very much dependant on the formula of the eye cream containing retinol. Generally speaking, there isn’t much need to apply retinol directly to the eyelid. Instead, you can apply it around the orbital bone and allow the active ingredient to absorb into the skin and make its way to the eyelids to combat signs of wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

However, you shouldn’t experience too much concern if you use an eye cream as these are specifically formulated for the eyes with the correct type of retinoid that will deliver the anti-ageing results, without the worry of causing irritation.

How do you fix crepey skin under eyes?

Apart from specific procedures, such as laser treatments and fillers, the best skincare ingredient to use to combat crepey skin under the eyes is retinol. If you already use a retinol in your skincare routine, you’ll understand how effective retinol is at targeting sagging skin. As I have already mentioned, it is best to use an eye cream containing retinol as this will deliver results without the potency of the ingredient being too harsh for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Can I use retinol eye cream in the morning?

No, it is best to only use retinol eye cream in the evenings. This is due to the fact that exposure to UV rays renders retinol completely useless, wasting your skincare product and not seeing any improvement. For optimal results try using your retinol eye cream in the evening and another formula to apply during the day, specifically something that is packed with vitamin C for counteracting free radical damage whilst brightening the under-eye area, reducing dark circles, and combating any puffiness.

How do you rebuild collagen under your eyes?

Here are some of the easiest and most effective way of rebuilding collagen in the under-eye area.

Ensure you drink enough water throughout the day. This will help flush out any nasty toxins whilst helping to boost collagen production and reducing signs of dark circles.
Apply an eye cream enriched in retinol. This skincare ingredient can deliver impressive anti-ageing results, from wrinkles to loss of elasticity. Use an eye cream for your morning routine packed with vitamin C to protect from free radical damage, such as UV rays, and kick start collagen production. Use a serum containing copper peptides. These are famous for stimulating collagen helping to make the under-eyes look plumped, healthy and wrinkle free. There are some of the easiest ways you can rebuild collagen under your eyes. If you are wanting something that gives you faster results, there are other laser treatments and other procedures to take into consideration. Hopefully, today I have answered some of your questions you have about using retinol cream under eyes, but if you have any more you can find me over on the Procoal Instagram, look forward to seeing you there!

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