How to Get Rid of Spots on Your Face?

How to Get Rid of Spots on Your Face?

There’s nothing more disheartening than finding you’ve got a spot, especially when you make the effort and stick to a good skincare routine that is packed with active ingredients and high performing products. Unfortunately, breakouts just happen sometimes, but this isn’t a time to hide away! We will be investigating different ways of getting rid of spots on your face and even try and get to the bottom of why they come along, uninvited in the first place.

How to get rid of pimples fast?

There are a number of methods that claim to get rid of pimples fast, and some are more effective than others. The only concern you have to remember is ensuring you don’t cause any long-lasting damage to the skin. Here are some examples of how to get rid of spots quickly and effectively;

Keep your hands off your face

Your fingers carry a lot of bacteria and touching your face too much will lead to these bacteria making their way into your pores, this in time, will lead to spots, blackheads and other blemishes. If you really can’t help touching your face just ensure your hands are clean, this limits the amount of bacteria that can transfer from your hands to skin throughout the day. This also means avoiding picking and squeezing any spots, even if they look very tempting. Squeezing spots also causes skin damage which will lead to pigmentation and scarring to the skin.

Apply an ice cube to the spot

Yes, you read that right applying an ice cube to the spot will work wonders. If you find your spot is large, red and painful, take an ice cube and wrap it in a clean cloth, hold the ice to the spot for about 2-3 minutes, by repeating this throughout the day you will relieve any pain, reduce any redness and find the swelling is reduced.

Avoid heavy makeup to reduce spots

It may feel tempting to choose a full coverage foundation and apply it all over the face. However, most of the time this will lead to the skin looking "cakey" and you may even find that spots increase in size and become visible through any product throughout the day. Opting for a lightweight tinted moisturiser or CC cream will give the skin an all-over uniform finish. Target any pesky spots with a fuller coverage concealer, apply a buildable amount on the blemish with a small, clean brush. This provides you with the best coverage that will last all day whilst preventing your pores from becoming clogged resulting in more spots and blemishes.

Keep the skin clean, but not stripped

If you have a good skincare routine that includes steps such as cleansers, acid toners and products enriched in active ingredients, such as salicylic acid. You are already doing a great job at keeping your skin clean and helping to combat any further breakouts. One thing you must avoid is overloading the skin with harsh, stripping scrubs, toners or other exfoliants as this will only lead to the skin becoming very dry and lacking of vital oils and water. You can also expect your face to breakout even more as the skin kick starts the sebum production to counteract the dryness.

There you have some ways on how to get rid of spots fast, though it may not be as quick as you’d hoped, these methods are hugely beneficial for the skin in the long run without causing any further concerns with unwanted breakouts.

What causes spots on face in adults?

The causes of spots in adults is surprisingly similar to those found as teenagers such as excess sebum, which is the natural oil found on the skin, and bacteria. You will find that any hormonal changes that are usually brought on by pregnancy and menstruation can trigger an increase in excessive oil. As previously mentioned, keeping on top of your skincare routine will help you manage any breakouts and prevent any more from developing.

If you find yourself having a dry skin type yet still find you suffer with a breakout in blemishes, then you could benefit from regular exfoliation. This is because the layer of dead skin cells can build-up over time on the skin which leads to a number of blemishes, such as blackheads, whiteheads and spots.

Other factors such as high level stress can also be the cause of spots in adults, the best treatment to combat this is a combination of techniques, such as exercise, meditation and deep breathing practise. You will see a noticeable improvement in stress induced breakouts by using some of these methods.

How to get rid of under the skin pimples overnight?

If you are wanting fast results in getting rid of spots overnight then you can follow this simple routine, remembering of course that depending on what type or size of breakout you have it may take a couple of nights to get some clarity back to your complexion.

Ensure you fully remove all traces of makeup and product

Apply a serum enriched in blemish fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid

If you haven’t already done so, add a retinol into your evening routine. Retinol is considered very beneficial for the skin but does come with some precautions, seek the advice of a dermatologist if you have any concerns.

Try a topical treatment on the problem area, any product including tea tree will work well at reducing size and redness

Make sure your pillowcases and bedding are clean to prevent any transfer of oils and bacteria

Avoid picking or squeezing any spots, no matter how tempting it may be

In the morning cleanse the skin gentle with a non-foaming face wash

If you are wanting to use makeup, ensure your brushes are clean and the product won’t clog the pores

This easy routine will have a significant difference to the appearance of your skin, especially if you apply products in the morning that will continue the skin benefits, such as serums containing vitamin C and SPF.
I understand more than anyone how temping it can be to scrub and cleanse the skin until it finally feels squeaky clean. It is that “squeaky” feeling that is the beginning of a mountain of trouble. To avoid the skin from becoming more blemished as a result of it being dry and stripped, instead layer the face with lightweight skincare products without any pore-clogging ingredients, that way you will benefit the overall health and appearance of your complexion. How to remove spots for men? Men’s skin is known to be on average 20% thicker than women’s and due to the fact it has more hair follicles it is also more oily. Fear not, as the routines and techniques discussed above can be adapted for a man’s skincare routine. There are a number of brands who cater for men with products containing high levels of active ingredients, all of which will help combat any breakouts and blemishes. We hope you have found today’s blog post helpful and you are feeling more prepared to fight off any pesky spots. If however, you find you are wanting to know more about how to treat breakouts please check out this post about the best ingredients to help clear acne, over on our website.

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