How to use Tamanu Oil for Scalp

How to use Tamanu Oil for Scalp

I have previously spoken in detail about tamanu oil and the multiple skincare benefits, today’s blog post will be a focused in a little more detail about how tamanu oil can help with the health of your scalp and hair.

What is tamanu oil?

Traditional found in the Pacific Islands, tamanu oil is an extract from the tamanu nut tree that is cold pressed after a long and sustainable harvest. Packed with amino acids and nourishing benefits for the skin and hair you’ll be amazed to see how this ancient oil helps target all manner of concerns.

Can help restore the skin to its healthiest state by promoting new tissue in the lower layers of the skin surface.

Can calm and soothe the skin of any inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Being only slightly comedogenic allows tamanu oil to be used by those suffering from frequent breakouts and acne flare-ups.

Speeds up the healing process of minor surface wounds as well as healing any scars and post inflammation pigmentation.

Provides rich moisturisation for severely dry skin

If you are wanting to know more about the history of tamanu oil (it’s quite impressive!) Check out our dedicated blog post about the skincare benefits tamanu oil- why is tamanu oil good for skin?

Can I use tamanu oil on hair?

Absolutely! When used on the hair, tamanu oil can help with several concerns. Many users have been known to apply a raw form of the oil directly to the hair and scalp. Focus the oil onto the scalp by massaging gently onto the scalp and focus extra product onto the ends of your hair, especially if you are dry, brittle and

Containing high levels of linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. What these specific acids can provide is promotion of moisture for the hair, stimulation for hair growth, eliminates dandruff and deep conditioning for your tresses without making it feel too heavy leaving the hair feeling protected, shiny, and strong with a super healthy finish.

How do you use tamanu oil for scalp psoriasis?

The high levels of moisturisation tamanu oil can deliver is extremely impressive. Its thick, rich, nourishing texture melts easily allowing it to be massaged into the skin. As for helping with scalp psoriasis, there are not enough research on this ingredient to claim tamanu oil to be a cure for psoriasis itself, but it has the ability to soothe the itchiness and reduce the amount of flakiness of the scalp.

When using tamanu oil on the scalp you can either use it in its raw form, or team it with a carrier oil, such as olive or argan for an added boost in hydration. Before trying anything on scalp psoriasis it is best to consult with a doctor or dermatologist to ensure it is safe for you to use these on your skin.

Is tamanu oil good for dandruff?

Yes, it is, with the high levels of anti-inflammatory properties found in tamanu oil it makes this ancient “green gold” a highly effective treatment ingredient for those suffering from itchy dandruff. Depending on how severe your dandruff is quite often the scalp can become inflamed and irritated, by massaging tamanu oil onto the scalp either on its own or teamed another carrier oil. The added benefit of tamanu oil is the fact it also contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties as well as the anti-inflammatory benefits keep the skin and scalp at its healthiest state. This will then lead to your hair reaping the rewards of a deep conditioning leaving it shiny, manageable with split ends significantly reduced.

Is tamanu oil greasy?

Yes sometimes, when it comes to using tamanu oil on the skin it is known to be effective for those prone to acne to reduce flare-ups, remember to go easy when applying it onto the skin as it is slightly comedogenic. As for using tamanu oil for the hair although it is a highly rich and nourishing oil it won’t weigh down your tresses at the root, although if you are prone to having hair that gets greasy quickly, I’d suggest only using tamanu oil as a hair treatment 1-2 times a week depending on how severe the dandruff is.

How do you use tamanu oil?

With this highly effective oil delivery such as high amount of skin and hair benefits, I can imagine you all chomping at the bite to introduce it into your everyday routine. As for hair, there are some different ways of using tamanu oil to reap the rewards of this nourishing ingredient.

Different ways of using tamanu oil for your hair

Take tamanu oil in its raw form and mix it with argan or olive oil. Massage it in your hands to warm up the blend and gently massage onto the scalp. Once the scalp is fully covered you can smooth any remaining oil onto the hair. This is the best way of using tamanu oil is dandruff or scalp psoriasis and applying it 1-2 times a week will have a marked improvement on the feel, look and health of your scalp.
Next take 3-4 drops of tamanu oil and mixed it into either your shampoo or conditioner. This will replenish the hair and scalp in a more diluted way compared to the previous way. If your hair and scalp are both severely dry, using tamanu oil in your hair washing routine will deliver moisturising and hydrating benefits. Finally, you can use a blend of carrier oil and tamanu oil as an overnight hair mask focusing the product on the ends of your hair for extra moisturisation. Just make sure you use an old pillowcase to avoid anything getting ruined. I hope this blog post has cleared up a few questions about using tamanu oil on the scalp, don’t forget to come and follow us on Instagram for more skincare tips, product launches and discount codes!

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