Anti Ageing Secrets Revealed

Anti Ageing Secrets Revealed




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We age, and with ageing comes the signs of ageing, deep set wrinkles, fine lines, skin begins to sag and hair becomes grey. When it comes to ageing, some people take it as the result of life, compared to others who go out of their way to slow down the process. Finally, a number of you will go to extreme measures and attempt to stop ageing all together. Like it or lump it, ageing is a part of life, there really isn’t a way of stopping it completely. It isn’t all doom and gloom as there are a number of ways you can slow down the appearance of wrinkles and help with the production of collagen.

The reason we age is due to the skin’s natural routine beginning to change. Cell turnover is slower and collagen production begins to slow down. Regarding collagen, we actually start to lose collagen as new born babies and once we have lost it, we can’t actually get it back into your skin. I can sense I have completely destroyed your world, but I promise you, it really isn’t that terrible, and you can help with its production by using the right skincare and taking a look into your nutrition and lifestyle.

With this research, we are going to take a closer look into anti-ageing, which factors accelerate it and how can you treat any signs of ageing. So, let’s dive right in!


Skincare routines are a very personal part of your day, there are so many ways and steps you can do. Perhaps you’re a wash with soap kind of person, or maybe have a meticulous routine and perform each step with great care.

The main thing to remember is if you are wanting to look after your skin and slow down the appearance of ageing, taking the time to find the right routine for you will result in solving all of your concerns.

The three base steps of a basic skincare routine are to cleanse, tone and moisturise, the other parts, such as scrubs, face oils, serums really come down to you and your day. Here is an example of an extensive skincare routine:

Make-up remover


Scrub Toner Serum Anti-Wrinkle Eye cream Moisturiser (Day) Anti-Wrinkle Cream (Night) Facial oil (evening) SPF (morning) Face mask/sheet mask (2-3 times a week) When planning your skincare, you also need to take into consideration the ingredients found in the products. For example, a vitamin C enriched serum will help the skin to look bright and vibrant, fantastic to use in the morning, it will also help with the uneven skin tone and dark spots. Of course, there are an enormous amount of ingredients that are available which all benefit your skin. For the evening, deciding to use a mineral enriched night cream with antioxidants will mean the product will work whilst you sleep. Establishing a good skincare routine will have an anti-ageing effect and leave you with healthy and happy skin. Setting aside the time to finish your skincare routine in the evening and morning is great, but there are other things to consider when looking after your skin. The elements for example play a big part in your skin’s health and can have an effect on how it feels and looks. Windy, ice cold weather strips moisture away from the skin leaving it dry and lips can become very chapped. Obviously, I can’t really tell you all to stay out of that weather, as that would be unrealistic, however I can say opting for a hydrating moisturiser and SPF daily will protect your face from those natural aggressors. It isn’t just the cold that can disturb your skin, heat can also have an effect on the face too. Washing your face with hot water will also dry the skin out more, so keep your face away from the water when you are having a shower and keep the water warm. Sun Damage Having that post-holiday, sun kissed glow is a wonderful feeling. It’s inevitable you will catch some sun going about your day, even when you are at home, heading to work or out for the day. The thing about the sun is, apart from the fact it’s glorious and somehow makes everything better, it causes a lot of problems for your skin. Therefore, knowing the best way to protect yourself from its rays and accelerating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is critical. The most simple way you can protect yourself against the sun is using sun factor everyday, this will combat both the rays found in the sun, UVA and UVB. UVA- This is the ray that ages you, using a daily SPF will protect you. Especially seeing as UVA rays are able to penetrate through glass. UVB- B can stand for burning, this is the ray that will catch your skin and cause it to burn and become very sore. Unlike UVA it can’t penetrate glass or water. Wearing daily SPF, even if you are running about your day will provide complete protection without any hard work from you. Sun damage can easily happen, even with the right precautions it can still occur. Once sun damage has developed on the skin, you won’t be able to remove it completely. However, there are serums and other products available that work deep in the skin to fade the pigmentation of any sun spots or uneven skin tone. They are also able to protect against any further damage. The main points to remember when protecting your skin and avoiding sun damage are these; Use SPF daily opting for the highest factor and formula designed for use on the face to avoid any breakout of blemishes. Avoid spending a lot of time in the sun when it is at its hottest, from midday to 4pm. Wear wide brim hats or sunglasses in bright, hot sunshine Protect your body from rays with body SPF and reapply as often as the factor stops working. For example, factor 50 protects you for 5 hours, factor 30, 3 hours and so on. Diet Nutrition is an important factor to consider when looking into anti-ageing, not only is focusing on what you eat and drink great for keeping your diet balanced, it has some fantastic results for the skin too. With the large variety of food groups available which deliver different benefits, let us take a look into some of the most powerful ingredients and how they help with your battle against ageing. Antioxidants Antioxidants are found in a lot of food sources, their job is to protect tissue from deteriorating and becoming prone to diseases. The best way to think about it is squeezing some lemon juice onto a fruit salad to preserve it and stop it from browning and going mouldy. Antioxidants are your lemon juice. The main food and drinks you’ll find antioxidants in are; Berries, such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries Red wine Coffee Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes Colourful vegetables such as peppers Green vegetables, such as broccoli Green tea There are many more foods containing powerful amounts of antioxidants, you also find these super foods and their anti-wrinkle fighting properties in a number of anti-age serums, the best anti-ageing creams and anti-wrinkle eye cream. Essential Fatty Acids Essential fatty acids, or EFA’s, more commonly known as Omega 3 fatty acids, are a very important part to your diet and keeping your skin looking youthful and glowing. They are vital as the body can’t naturally produce them on it’s own, and so benefits from these being in your diet and daily intake. The main sources of Omega 3 are found in the following foods; Walnuts and almonds Flax seed Spirolina Salmon and other oily fish Fruit and Vegetables This next part may not be to everyone’s taste, but increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables, preferably raw, you will notice what a difference it will make. They contain a great amount of enzymes. Our bodies produce about 10,000 different types of enzymes and their presence in your body is vital to your survival. Not only do fruit and vegetables provide an amazing number of enzymes, but are also packed full of vitamins and other health benefiting properties, for example, broccoli is an anti-ageing powerhouse containing anti-oxidants and vitamin C, which is great for boosting the production of collagen. Funnily enough, broccoli is a vegetable that releases more health boosting ingredients when it is cooked instead of raw. Swapping one meal a day to something with just raw fruit and vegetables will be the easiest way to get those powerful properties into your body. Aim for eating a rainbow, all the bright, vibrant colours of vegetables and fruit. Why not try a salad, or smoothie packed full of greens for an extra iron boost. If you aren’t the biggest fan of green smoothies, try squeezing a lemon into the mixture to help curb the flavour. Things to Avoid The obvious is clear, generally things that are bad for your health are the best to avoid. Smoking, drinking too much alcohol and not enough water will have more of an effect on your skin than you think. Not wanting to sound completely miserable, but there are a few more habits or foods to avoid when preventing the effects of ageing. Some are a little more understandable than others. Smoking Drinking Sugars Lack of water Lack of sleep Lack of exercise No skincare routine Sunbeds Considering all the factors mentioned above, all of which rapidly age the skin, however it is never too late for a change, and deciding to have a healthy lifestyle change will result in the process to slow down and those previous signs of ageing will slowly disappear too, as our bodies are very adaptable to change. The first steps to take would be quitting any harmful habits, such as smoking and drinking excessively, not only are these terrible for the body, but skin too. Upping your water intake is an easy way to give your body a helping hand towards better health, flushing out the toxins and speeding up your metabolism. Now, it’s easier said than done, but getting enough sleep is extremely important, lack of sleep is a huge down fall to your skin. There is good reason it is called ‘beauty sleep’ and that is because our skin rejuvenates itself whilst we sleep. Ideally 8-9 hours is the perfect amount of time to fully recharge and wake up feeling and looking beautiful. This may seem like an impossibility to a lot of you, our lives are too busy to grab the shut eye our skin is craving for most of the time. It’s times like this that focusing on skincare will work for you. Thoroughly removing your make-up and cleansing will stop any build up or blemishes, but also preps the skin for any additional serums and creams you apply afterwards. For example, deciding on a product that has been specifically formulated for night time means it has a different formula than it’s day time counterpart. Night creams are packed full with extra anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, all the nourishment your skin needs and penetrates into the face whilst you sleep. They basically work over time for you, so you may only get 5 hours sleep that night but your skin would have had a boost from your hard working night cream. It is for this reason, and many more to consider your skincare routine when concerned with ageing. It isn’t only night your skin needs protection, daily SPF is vital for protection from UV exposure, as previously mentioned. Keeping your skin’s balance will result in your skin looking it’s best and slowing down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As for diet and exercise, I have previously explained how eating more fruit and vegetables will help your body and skin, but cutting down on sugar is another factor to consider. By sugars I mean the refined type, the sort you find in all the sweets and chocolates out there, Dr Marilyn Glenville has been noted to say how ‘sugary substances cause the skin to wrinkle and cell structures to harden’ not to mention the other problems it can cause the body. Sugar is also usually the culprit for blemishes too! Having said this, we aren’t able to tarnish all sugars with the same brush, natural sugars from fruits are not the same as refined sugar. When we eat fruit, we also intake a good amount of fibre which will slow down the digestion of sugar and so you won’t experience a spike in your blood sugar levels. Turning our attention to sunbeds, avoid them like the plague. No amount of tan will feel worth-while when the end result is you looking like a dried-up raisin. The self tanners available on the market are very impressive and a damn sight cheaper than a sun bed session. Gender It is interesting to briefly take a look into gender to see if that is also a contributing factor of ageing. Men and women age differently, with life expectancy being vastly different, with women living longer, and that is the same all around the world. Setting aside all of the biological differences, such as hormones, taking a look at the difference between the types of skin men and women have is very interesting. You will find that a man’s skin is up to 25% thicker than a woman’s, with more collagen and produces more sebum. With this in mind, it is a little easier to understand that a lot of people believe that on average women’s skin can in fact look 15 years older than men’s even if the age is the same! There is also a downside to this and problematic, blemish prone skin can last longer for men than women. This is the reason there are separate collections of skincare available for men within many brands. They will provide the best eye cream for men, as well as scrub, facial moisturiser, all formulated with a male skin in mind and so therefore will perform better. Genetics Genetics play a role in anti-ageing, if your mother stayed wrinkle free, chances are your DNA set up will mean you can also remain wrinkle free. Your genes can help or hinder, yet they are not gospel to your skin story. Combining all of the factors that have been mentioned before will determine how you age and the overall health and appearance of your skin. So, you won’t need to panic if you take a look at your parents in complete dismay. Lifestyle Late night, burning the candle at both ends, caffeine fuelled, highly stressful, hectic life may sound terrible, but we are all guilty of it. Your lifestyle can really take its toll on your body and the first signs of that one too many late nights will show first on your face, in particular, your skin. Take a moment to sit down and have a think about your lifestyle and which changes you can make for the better. You can try changing something small, jump in feet first or use the excuse to book yourself on a spa break. Whichever you do, you will find just how radiant and youthful you look when you just look after yourself and give the wine a miss for the weekend and get an early night. Treatments There are a lot of treatments available to help target the signs of ageing. For me, facials, light therapy and microdermabrasion are powerful treatments that show incredible results. As for procedures such as Botox and fillers, that is a completely different kettle of fish. Botox is great at freezing the signs of age, however, with the Botox boom of recent years you will see almost everyone can claim they can provide all these procedure to you, without any medical background or training. This explains the 934 increase in complaints to company Save Face in one year alone and corrective surgery having to go underway to fix the undesirable results. If you are considering undergoing any procedure, such as Botox or fillers, it is best to do your research and find a fully qualified nurse to perform the procedure you can feel confident you will be in safe hands. Conclusion Ageing is a part of life, we spend our youth wishing away the years and then spend the rest of the time dreaming we hadn’t wished it all away. Ultimately, your skin is in your hands, and you can take the time to try as many anti-ageing techniques as you want. What you always have to remember is just how lucky you are to start noticing those grey hairs or smile lines and should hope you will see many more in your long, happy life. FAQ Can you reverse ageing? You can’t reverse time, but you can indeed slow down the age process to the skin. If there are signs of ageing already visible then there are a number of options you can take, from changing your diet, using a new skincare, or quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. This won’t stop your skin from ageing, but it will help with slowing it all down. Does stress make you look older? Stress can have a tremendous effect on the skin, body and hair. Your health can have a hard time too with blood pressure leading to a number of medical complications. Considering skin, stress can break down the skin’s radiance, as well as over all appearance, with worried frowns resulting in deep set wrinkles and lack of sleep causing the skin to rapidly age. How can I slow down ageing? You can slow down ageing using a number of resources. Skincare, regular facials, healthy diet of vegetables and fruit, drinking plenty of water, the list goes on. The easiest way to remember it is, if it’s healthy for you, it’s healthy for your skin, and so therefore anti-ageing. When should you start using anti-age cream? You can never start too early or too late when it comes to looking after your skin, from about 21 years old would be a good starting point to take care of your skin. If you have started noticing the signs of ageing it still isn’t too late to start taking care of your skin and slow down the appearance of lines and wrinkles. What causes skin to wrinkle with age? As we age our skin becomes thinner and more dry and with this comes the signs of ageing and the beginning of deep set wrinkles. With the production of collagen slowing down and the skin losing its elasticity and start to sag. All of this is the basic process of ageing and cannot be stopped but can be prevented on happening too quickly with anti-ageing creams, diet and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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