How to grow healthy hair- 6 easy tips to help your hair grow


How to grow healthy hair- 6 easy tips to help your hair grow

Growing healthy hair isn’t as tricky as you may think! There are a number of adverts out there showing you which supplements to use, or hair care range, there are even YouTube videos of homemade hair mask recipes, usually containing fresh ginger, that will stimulate growth. All of the previously mentioned sometimes work, sometimes they leave you feeling a little down hearted. This is why I have put together six easy ways of helping you grow healthy hair, no matter the length you desire!

Use a cotton t-shirt

Towel drying your hair can be damaging for the hair, yes believe me it’s true! Especially when hair is wet, the material and particles of the towel have a tendency to be too rough for the cuticles causing frizz and breakage. Using an old, clean cotton t-shirt will absorb any moisture from the hair without being too coarse to the hair resulting in the smooth, softer tresses. To dry your hair with a t-shirt you will need to do the following;

With freshly washed, wet hair. Flip your head forward, take the cotton t-shirt and wrap it around the hair, the same way you would use a towel

Allow the t-shirt to absorb the moisture no need to rub or shake and allow hair to air dry naturally.

When your hair is almost dry take it out of the t-shirt and allow to dry completely

To speed the drying up a little take smaller sections of your hair, hold the t-shirt of the section and gently squeeze.

By not rubbing or shaking the hair you are making the follicles of the hair smoother without any frizz!

Using a cotton t-shirt is a great way of drying your hair without having to use any heat, meaning your strands are healthy and stronger!

Don’t brush when it’s wet

Now this shocked me too when I heard this. But it turns out that brushing your hair whilst it’s still wet causes more breakages as it is weaker when still wet. After washing try leaving your hair to dry naturally and avoid touching it too much. Once it is full dry take a wide toothed brush and gently brush through the hair in sections. You will find this gives you less hair fall out and hair will look and feel a lot healthier.

Don’t wash your hair everyday

This may make some of your stomachs turn slightly, but hair prefers not to be washed every day, it doesn’t like it 5 times a week, or even 4. If you can reduce the number of times you wash your hair down to 2 times a week your hair will have the chance to rebalance itself. Washing hair too often can strip it of its natural oils causing it to become dry, unmanageable and frizzy. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to not washing your hair, we have another blog post with more information on how to not wash it for 5 days here.

Rinse it with cold water

First of all, there is no way of sugar coating this, rinsing your hair with cold water feels like hell. If you can grin and bare it and give your hair one final rinse with cold water you make the cuticles around your hair close quicker meaning your hair stays shiny, frizz-free and healthy in appearance for a longer amount of time, it also keeps your scalp cleaning meaning less risk of dandruff.

Use Coconut Oil

Yes, I know it seems as though coconut oil is used for absolutely everything. There is no denying the countless beauty benefits of using this oil, and growing healthy hair is another! No matter which sort of hair type you have, dry, greasy, flat, curly they all react well to coconut oil! It takes away frizz by smoothing the cuticles and rebalances out the natural of oils on your scalp.

For a replenishing sleep in hair mask here is what you can do;

Take coconut oil and warm it up in your hands

Apply melted oil to your dry hair massaging into the roots and down to the ends

Brush through to prevent any knots

Wrap hair in old t-shirt or microfibre hair towel to stop oil from ruining pillowcases

Wash hair as normal in the morning

Your hair will be super shiny and full of life, if your hair is particularly dry and unmanageable, apply this hair mask one a week.

Book in Regular Hair Cuts

It’s a cruel world, you want super long, healthy hair but can’t seem to get it passed a certain length before it become lip and starts breaking! Booking in regular haircuts could be the answer to your troubles, with a fresh trim giving the ends of your hair a tidy and riding them of split ends and giving the hair an all-over healthier appearance!

Yes, it may mean losing an inch or two, but your hair will thank you for it and look stunning!

Maintaining a good routine for your hair will allow it to stay in its best shape and appearance, which has been made a little easier I hope with these easy to follow tips, now go off and get those hair goals!

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