How To Make A Pimple Go Away Fast

How To Make A Pimple Go Away Fast

If you are the type of person to wake up with a fresh, juicy looking spot and not attack it by picking and squeezing? Well, you have an impressive amount of will power! For the rest of us I wouldn’t blame you for giving in to the temptation of going after a pesky blemish, but this, as you know, can lead to problems which is why we have decided to put together a variety of ways of how to make pimples go away fast.

How to make a pimple go away fast

Now, before I get your hopes up I must warn you that getting rid of a pimple can take a lot of effort. If you are finding there is no more than 2 active spots that are not under surface, red bumps, but in fact have a white head to them you can use some of the following methods to reduce the size, calm the redness and make the spot easier to conceal with makeup should you want to.

If you are finding there are three or more continuous blemishes active on your skin than this can be considered acne, and it is best to visit your GP or dermatologist to figure out the next steps in combating your skin concern.

Here are some at-home remedies and methods that can help get rid of a pimple quickly and effectively without any remaining skin damage:

1. Use an ice cube on a pimple

This is a great method for pimples and under the surface pimples that don’t come to a head and can be very painful and sore to the touch. Take an ice cube and wrap it in a tea towel, then hold it onto the pimple for 2-4 minutes. Continue doing this in hourly intervals throughout the day and you will start to notice a reduction in the size of the spot and the redness calmed.

2. Use the right acid for your skin

The BHA, salicylic acid is a powerful facial acid that is oil soluble meaning it can cut through any excess sebum and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and unclog the pores of any bacteria, debris and toxins that lead to spots and breakouts. You will find salicylic in a number of products, from face washes to acid toners, however, to get the real benefit of this acid try using a salicylic acid-enriched serum as this product has more time on the skin to work at giving the face some clarity.

You can also team salicylic with an AHA, such as glycolic acid to form a pimple attacking power duo. Using an acid toner containing glycolic will help slough away dirt and build-up of dead skin cells from the top layers of the skin that lead to spots. To avoid overloading the skin you can try using a glycolic acid toner in the mornings and a salicylic acid serum during your evening routine to keep your skin clear and pimple-free.

If you wanted to know more about facial acids, check out our blog post about all the skin benefits of AHAs and BHAs.

3. Keep your makeup brushes clean

You may have problematic skin so take the time and make the effort to keep a good skincare routine, but still suffer from frequent blemishes and can't understand why, dirty makeup brushes may be the reason for this. The easiest way to figure this out is to take a look at the area you are finding pesky blemishes appearing. If they are focused on the cheekbones, then a bronzer or blusher brush in need of a wash may be the culprit.

Washing your makeup brushes once a week will remove any harbouring bacteria that can cross-contaminate in a germ-filled cycle. You will find your skin will look clearer and your makeup brushes will thank you for the TLC too.

4. Change your pillowcases on a weekly basis

This is a step everyone always seems to forget about, but our pillowcases are awash with bacteria, dirt and oil that builds every night as soon as your head hits the pillow. Changing your pillowcases on a weekly basis will keep contact with excess bacteria and oils to a minimum and will rid you of any pesky spots in rapid time.

5. Consider your diet and possible food allergies

It has been scientifically proven that the health of your gut shows on your face. Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle will not only do your body the world of good, but your skin will become more flawless and glowing. Try and avoid fatty foods and sugar as these are the main offenders of causing spots. If you can’t part ways with your chocolate or Friday night takeaways, then a least try to cut back. You will find the size of a blemish will reduce quicker once you have cut out sugars and unhealthy foods.

These will NOT make a pimple go away fast

1. Keep away from the toothpaste and nappy rash cream

Keep the toothpaste for your teeth and nappy rash for the baby’s bottoms. The spots won’t reduce in size or redness and you will only be drying out the surrounding area of the spot making it a lot more noticeable! If you have to put something on the pimple than opt for a topical blemish drying ointment that is formulated for treating spots and not causing any imbalance to the surrounding skin. You can also try a light moisturiser on the pimple as this will either calm redness or bring the bacteria to form a head that can be extracted quickly.

2. Do not pick a pimple!

99.9% of us pick our pimples, it is grossly satisfying and overwhelming tempting not to. But if you are finding your skin tone has started to look uneven and pigmentated than picking your spots may be the cause of it. Attacking and digging a pimple may rid you of the unsightly whitehead, but if you are too heavy-handed than you will cause great damage to the skin surface making the spot result in a scar that will mark the face and take a lot of time to rectify. Believe it or not, pimples go away quickly when they aren’t poked and prodded!

3. Don’t use harsh ingredients and products on the spot

Having the urge to feel clean will make you want to reach for products that will give you that “squeaky clean” feeling. However, this is not at all good for the skin the ingredients and products can be too harsh and abrasive. You will find that the spot you have attacked with those products will look angry and even worse than before. By not stripping it of all it’s moisturise and oils need to keep the skin barrier balanced and healthy and the pimple will go in no time.

There you have a number of methods as well as dos and don’ts to treating pimples and giving them a helping hand at disappearing swiftly. As truly heartbreaking and completely annoying it is to have blemishes, the main focus for you should be keeping your skin thoroughly (but gently) cleaned every night, especially after a day of wearing makeup. As well as using the correct skincare products for your skin type and concern. Much like everything in life, practice makes perfect, and you will find that once you have a routine locked down, pimples won’t be such a pesky problem and will go away fast.

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