Introducing Our Intensive Skin Defence Balm- The Winter Skin Saviour

Introducing Our Intensive Skin Defence Balm- The Winter Skin Saviour

Winter is here which means festive cosy nights in, mulled wine and perhaps too many mince pies, but what also comes with that are sore, cracked lips, dry hands and eczema flare-ups!

This is why I wanted to share with you today some more information about our latest launch here at Procoal, the Intensive Skin Defence Balm. This balm has been formulated for very dry skin and those prone to eczema, but there is more to this multitasking balm than meets the eye. Let me show you what this wonder product can do for you and your skin this winter.

Why is this balm good for the skin?

This balm has been formulated with the idea of helping people suffering from very dry skin and who are also prone to eczema.

The winter months are especially tough for those with dry, eczema-prone skin. With freezing temperatures and weather and central heating causing the skin to feel tight, dry, cracked and sore with eczema flare-ups causing a huge amount of discomfort.

With an enriched blend of natural oils and vegan ingredients, this balm will calm any inflammation and redness, restoring the balance to the skin’s barrier. Dry, flaking patches will be hydrated leaving your skin feeling soft and glowing! This is not the only use for this balm, as described it’s a multipurpose balm with several skin concerns it can tackle with ease, I will share with you in more detail these below. First of all, I wanted to dive into the ingredients list, also known as the inky list, to explain the reasons these oils have been selected to create this skin saviour!

Enriched in Natural Oils

The intensive skin defence contains many natural oils, all enriched with various skin benefiting properties.

Olea Europaea (Olive Oil) Harvested from the top-quality olives that are naturally enriched in vitamin A and E with powerful hydroxytyrosol, which is an anti-inflammatory and free-radical fighting ingredient helping to calm and restore the skin’s barrier to optimum health. The oil penetrates the skin easily and leaves it feeling super soft.

Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower Oil) Removes any dirt and oil that can lead to the skin becoming dry and rough to the touch and any skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis and spots. Its hydrating benefits allow the skin to retain moisture and appear plumped and glowing with wrinkles reduced and added bounce back to the skin.

Cannabis Sativa Seed (Hemp Oil) Is harvested from the hemp seed, which is cold-pressed and comes as a green oil that contains a multitude of skin benefits whether applied topically or ingested. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, hemp oil works as a strong anti-inflammatory and encourages skin growth and cell turn over without clogging the pores and balancing out the skin’s natural oil production.

Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla Wax) Apart from this wax being the ingredient that allows the balm to be 100% vegan due to the fact we won’t need to use beeswax. It’s also a fast-absorbing lubricant and nourishing skin conditioner which helps to reduce the signs of stretch marks, age spots and wrinkles.

Calophyllum Inophyllum (Tamanu Oil) There isn’t anything this oil doesn’t help with, to be honest. From wrinkles, breakouts, eczema, fungal infections, cellulite, the list is endless. With a rich blend of healing and nourishing active properties harvested from the nut of Tamanu plant this oil is considered one of the best in the world for using on your skin, yet has remained remarkably unknown.

There are also a number of other ingredients in this powerful blend, all formulated for this balm to be powerful but not harsh as the defence balm can be used on babies as young as six weeks old!

More uses for the Intensive Skin Defence Balm

As I have shared the natural oils that are included into the balm, you may have a better understanding of what the balm can do for you and any skin concerns you have, here are some examples of the uses of the balm.

Dry skin

Eczema flares up

Lip balm

Nappy rash

Dry cuticles

Brow tamer

Frizzy hair tamer

Stretch marks



This is the tip of the ice burg when it comes to the benefits of this balm and it’s multi-tasking talents!

How to store the Intensive Skin Defence Balm

It’s best to keep your balm in a cool, dark space. It’s perfectly happy to nestle in amongst your other products in your drawers! The wax for the balm as mentioned earlier is the candelilla wax, this not only makes the formula vegan, it also has a better melting temperature than beeswax. This won’t necessarily mean you can leave the pot out in the sun, but with central heating being firmly switched on will ensure your balm is pliable and still deliver the best results for your skin.

If all of this is sounding too good to be true, then take a closer look at the balm on our website, The Intensive Skin Defence Balm

Much like the other products in our collection quality is very important to us, this product allow demonstrates our dedication to this! But don’t just take our word for it, have a closer look on our website for more information and perhaps some last-minute Christmas wish list, your skin will thank you for it.

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