Kaffir Lime Hydrosol

Hydrosols, also known as Hydrolats, are extracts produced by water, steam, water + steam distillation of fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant materials. They are produced through the same process as essential oils and are actually the separation water following the distillation process. Hydrosols which are produced as a by-product of the essential oil process are often of inferior quality compared to Hydrosols produced by distillation done exclusively to obtain Hydrosols.

Hydrosols are predominately made up of hydrophilic (water loving) compounds of the plant, but they still retail a tiny number of essential oil compounds (between 0.02 –0.05% of the hydrophilic parts of an essential oil).

With similar properties to essential oils, these Hydrosols or aromatic waters are much less concentrated. Their aromas are often soft and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterpart; they do not always have the same aroma as the essentials oils themselves.

Hydrosols are a great gentle alternative to essential oils.


Hydrosols and Floral waters are note the same - Floral waters they are made of distilled water, essential oils and an emulsifier and do not have the same properties of Hydrosols.


Kaffir leaf and peel hydrosol is astringent, hydrating, cooling.  Peel Hydrosol's aroma is more citrus sour while leaf hydrosol gentler and more citrus herbaceous. 



Botanical Name: Citrus hystrix

Method of Distillation: Steam distillation of the leaves (Hydro distillation)

Origin: South East Asia

Color: clear

Aroma: citrus sour (peel), citrus herbaceous (leaf)

Therapeutic properties: Astringent, toning, refreshing

Blends well with the following hydrosols: Tulsi, Ginger, Galangal, Turmeric

 NAÃ is formulated with organic Kaffir Lime hydrosol 


Spray in on the skin as toner

Can be used to substitute water and enhance serums and moisturizers without adding essential oils


There is no need of dilution.

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