Ways To Hydrate Your Skin On A Plane

Ways To Hydrate Your Skin On A Plane

You are off on a journey, how exciting! The only problem is just how much havoc flying causes to your skin! Here are some air plane skin care tips to help you reach your destination without too much disruption to your skin.


I know we say this a lot here, but ensuring you are getting enough water will really help with keeping you and your skin looking and feeling your best. Aim to finish off 2 litres, maybe even more throughout the flight (depending on length of flight) to keep away all the dehydration elements that occur during a flight. You can also take a little travel sized face mist for flying for that added burst of hydration.


I understand that not everyone is happy to go without wearing make-up on a plane, but where it’s possible, opt for a light coverage, such as a BB cream or maybe even mix your foundation with a moisturiser to dilute the product and add a little extra hydration that your skin will appreciate and you won’t block your pores as much. If you can bare it, opt for a total make-up free face, you will land feeling a lot fresher without it.

Sheet masks

Sheet masks are long haul beauty essentials, not only do they help break down the time of the journey, they deliver amazing hydration results for the skin. You just have to get over the fact you’ll look a little scary for about 20 minutes. Aim for nearer the end of your flight to apply the sheet mask as you will have less time on the plane for your skin to start to dry out again. You don’t need to focus on a just using a sheet mask, choosing a water based sleep in face mask will also help you a great deal and you’ll find these are one of the best face mask for flights.


Make sure you leave yourself enough time to apply your skincare before you head to the airport, allowing all the moisturisers and oils to absorb thoroughly into the skin, keeping the skin plumped looking and glowing. You can also take travel size versions of your skincare for the flight as it will also benefit from applying skincare before flight and during flight too. Our charcoal face mask fits nicely under the 100ml mark, meaning you can take it onto a plane and sneak into the bathroom to apply the solution.

Face wipes

Packing some face wipes for long haul flight will give you the chance to give the skin a refresh as well as removing your make-up if you wished to remove it during the flight. This air plane beauty tip doesn’t have to be for a long haul flight, as short haul trips are just as dehydrating!

Hands off

As tempting as it may be to rub tired eyes and your face, air planes are flying germ boxes, no matter how clean you are, you won’t be able to stop bacteria from spreading. So it's better to be safe than sorry, avoid touching your face, this will help keeping some post flight spots at bay.


Finding you have broken out with a number of blemishes after a flight is more common than you think. Taking an exfoliating face scrub with you on holiday will give you the chance to give your skin a wonderfully deep clean after landing and reaching your hotel! The perfect way of removing that congestion and bacteria from your post flying skin and get it ready for some vitamin D!


Of course we can’t forget the body too. Once you get to the hotel, have a Luke warm shower and a light body exfoliation, to get the blood flow back around the body. Then slather your body in a rich moisturiser to restore the hydration back into the skin. Perfect for balancing out the skin again from all the travel.

Air Con

Admittedly it does get a little stuffy on flights, but blasting the air con above your head will only accelerate the problem of drying your skin out more. If you find you get too hot or too cold on a plane then I recommend your travelling outfit to be lots of comfortable, light layers that can be added and removed with ease.


You may decide against this idea, but filling your bag with lots of fruit and vegetables, such as watermelon, cucumber etc will allow you to get in more hydration which will obviously help your skin and body. Avoiding salty plane snacks will also mean you won’t become more thirsty and won’t end up feeling quite so yuck, during the flight.

There you have it, some of our top skincare tips to use on a flight. Following a selection of these will allow you to enjoy the journey a lot more with the peace of mind your skin hasn’t suffered with a lack of moisture!

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