What is The Best Lip Treatment for Dry Lips?

What is The Best Lip Treatment for Dry Lips?

Dry lips are a real pain, and sadly, they won’t be cured in just one day. Patience, attention and time are the keys to helping dry lips. But it’s not all doom and gloom, we have found the best treatments for dry lips and we are going to share them with you now.

What can I do for extremely dry lips?

Here are some of the top tips we have found that will help treat extremely dry lips:

Up your water intake

Your lips are the first to show the signs of dehydration so ensuring you are drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day is very important. If you are finding it difficult to drink so much you can also load up on water-dense fruit and vegetables, such as watermelon and cucumber.

Try a moisturise locking lip product

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to moisturising lip products available on the market but we have found that lip butters which contain either beeswax, shea butter, coconut butter and olive oil will give instant relief from any cracked or severely chapped lips. You will also find that jojoba oil, rosehip oil and almond oil are extremely hydrating and can be applied more gently to painful lips.

Consider using a humidifier

These are ideal for any buildings or rooms, be it your home or office that circulate a lot of dry air. By using a humidifier the air will be moistened and your damaged lips will get the hydration they need.

These make a great starting point when it comes to looking after and treating dry lips, by teaming these together with the next set of treatment steps you will have fast and effective relief from any discomfort you may be suffering from.

How to treat your dry lips daily:


Exfoliating your lips will help to remove any flaky, dead layers of skin and reveal young, smoother skin underneath. There are many lip scrubs available and you can also try an at-home recipe of coconut oil and sugar. Simply rub the mixture onto your lips until almost fully dissolved then gently rinse the residue away with warm water and dab dry with a soft towel.


Using a lip balm on a daily basis will help keep your lips moisturised and protected from any drying factors you may encounter, such as central heating. There are also some balms that contain an SPF that will help keep your lips safe from any sun damage or burning.


Finally, you can use an ultrarich moisturising lip overnight treatment. Apply a liberal amount all over the lips, not worry too much about it going over the sides, and head off to bed. Whilst you sleep the treatment will plump the skin of moisture without the interference of you eating, talking or licking your lips throughout the day.

These are the basic steps that will help you maintain some control of your lips and prevent them from becoming drier.

How do I get rid of dry lips naturally?

Treating dry lips naturally is a lot easier than you would think, trying out at least one of these natural remedies will work wonders.

Rosewater and honey

Honey and rose water will prevent your lips from cracking and provide deep moisturising benefits for the lips. Simply mix honey and rose water together and apply directly onto the lips, leave it to work its magic for about 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water.

Coconut oil

Applying neat coconut oil to the lips will coat them with a high amount of vitamin E and fatty acids which not only absorb into the skin super quickly but also protects from free radicals that cause damage to the skin.

What is the best product for dry lips?

This really all depends on what works for you, your skin and lips. There are enormous amounts of products to choose from it can feel a bit overwhelming. Just like we mentioned early treating dry lips is a time consuming and dedicated task to undertake. Choosing a product that contains any of the natural alternatives previously mentioned, or other more medical lead formulations.

What is the main cause of dry lips?

Our lips do not have any oil glands on them, unlike the other skin found on the body. This makes lips susceptible to becoming dry very quickly and sometimes resulting in them becoming chapped. Lack of moisture can make the problem worse which is amplified by little to no humidity in the air during the winter months or overexposure to the sun during the summer.

You may also find that you mindlessly lick your lips a little too often which will only make matters worse, the saliva from the tongue will strip the moisture causing more dryness and chapped lips.

What are dry lips a sign of?

The most common problem that is a sign of having dry lips is in fact, dehydration. Your lips are the first to dry out if you have not had enough water intake of the day. When we become dehydrated our body pulls water from various parts of the body which sometimes needs more help by using a moisturise locking lip balm or a natural alternative such as almond oil or shea butter will replenish the dry skin and make your lips more comfortable for you to increase the intake of your water quickly.
Can I moisturise my lips overnight? Absolutely! Overnight is considered the best time to moisturise your lips due to the fact we don’t encounter any central heating, harsh weather, sun exposure and other environmental stresses. You will also find that you can apply a very liberal amount as there would not be the worry of licking off the product or having to talk, eat or drink with it on. So there you have the best lip treatments for dry lips, there are some simple and effective options here for you to try and find the right formula that will treat your lips the most effective way, it’ll have you smiling without having to worry about painful lips cracking in no time!

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