What is jade rolling? Tips on how to use a jade roller

What is jade rolling? Tips on how to use a jade roller

What is this technique everyone has been going crazy for?

If you find happen to find yourself online searching for information about jade rolling, you will find various pictures of small green contraptions, which look very similar to mini paint rollers.

Admittedly these jade beauties give your Instagram posts a little extra something, but that’s not the only reason millennials are reaching for these recent self-care tools. They are very affordable for one, and also provide noticeable results when it comes to shaping and sculpting the face.

With the world still being contour crazy, finding a mechanism that gives you beautifully craved features naturally, you wouldn’t be shocked to hear how the sales in jade and rose quartz rollers have skyrocketed in recent times.

Where did jade rolling come from?

So, what is jade rolling? How does it work? Where’s does it come from? The questions are admittedly endless it would seem but let us try an answer some, to begin with.

Jade rolling has been around for a staggeringly long time, it dates back to Ancient China, a skin derma roller made from jade that helps with de-puffing, lymph draining and daily sculpting of the skin. Yes, you may feel as though you are using a tiny rolling pin on your face, but it feels refreshingly cooling with many of its users being known to keep them in their fridges for extra chilling.

All of these benefits are great for draining the skin of any fluids and toxin build up, making the face appear puffy and tired, of course, there is also the crystal healing powers known of jade to consider too, such as the added help in wisdom, balance and peace.

How do you use jade rolling?

The most popular way to incorporate jade rolling into your skincare is this;

Cleanse your skin of any makeup

Apply your eye care, such as a moisturiser or serum

Add your serum to your skin and use the jade roller to work the product into the skin and to drain any fluid build-up.

Alternatively, you can use a jade roller in the evenings with a nightly facial oil. Jade rolling works best with oils, just be sure to rinse the jade roller once you’re finished.

The best technique to practise is to consider the bridge of your nose as the centre point and you work the roller away from it in outward and downward motions. At your jaw use the roller to go towards the bottom of your ear and down the back of your neck. If you just imagine you are pushing all the toxins and fluid out and down you will get the hang of this technique very quickly.

To really up the ante and use this tool to the best of its ability, you can team the tool with a sheet mask, apply the mask as normal then then use the roller on the top to smooth out the material as well as work the nourishing serum deeper into the skin with the cooling pressure of the jade.

With the recent surge of focus on skincare and self-care, with makeup taking a back seat, many are keenly spending a majority of time, effort and money in skincare products and complimenting tools to see real results in no time at all. This would probably explain the popularity of jade increasing too with the link of self-care in its modern spiritual shift in recent years. With crystal healing at an all-time high.

What does jade rolling do for your skin?

Pressed that snooze button one too many times, now you’re running late with dark circles and a thoroughly worn out, puffy looking face. Jade rolling could be the quick fix you are after! Not only does it help combat inflammation of the skin and reduces puffiness, but it also kick starts your lymphatic system, which is an important part of your vascular system, great help for your immunity and draining away any toxins.

It can also help to give your blood circulation a boost, especially after being chilled in the fridge which will then aid your skin to become plumper in appearance and iron out any fine lines and wrinkles!

Dr Mona Vand, a wellness coach who shares her expertise on anything and everything self-care, body, health and wellness. You can check out her Youtube videos by searching Dr Mona Vand, there is also a dedicated video to jade rolling and its benefits here

Does jade rolling help with blemishes

If you are blemish prone you will be happy to hear that jade rolling will help you. We have found that teaming our Instaclear Control sheet mask which contains a number of ingredients formulated to help reduce redness and swelling. Apply the mask as usual and then, as previously mentioned, roll the jade over the mask. Not only does it get the mask to sit on to the skin better, allowing the serum to work its way deeper into your skin, but you will also find that due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the jade you will find any angry looking blemishes become reduced in size and finally disappear in no time at all!

So, I hope I answered a number of your queries about jade rolling. Much like any new beauty favourite, it is impossible to avoid and the fear of missing out can become overwhelming. Thankfully, this tool is extremely purse friendly and seeing as it’s been around since the 7th century, it’s fair to say it does the trick! We especially love using teamed with our sheet masks as we’ve previously mentioned! What are you waiting for? You best get rolling…

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